escape routine


You CAN exit the Matrix, but only if you choose...

You can settle for lackluster living or you can take a risk.  

If Morpheus revealed that the red pill meant you would experience more adventurous moments in life and the blue pill meant everything would remain status quo, what would you do?  Would you continue your day-to-day routine knowing there is more out there, but deciding it's for someone else?  Or, would you reach into his hand because you are ready for something outside of your norm?

Because there is so much more available to you right here in your own city.  And I want you to get your fill and then some.  If life is just a collection of moments, then dammit, I want those moments to be the best frickin' epic hilarious stellar real gleeful invigorating raw moments that they can be.  

Picture yourself at 82.  You're wearing ill-fitted pants and have teeth made of plastic.  As you're hunched over at an ugly cafeteria style table, at the seniors living facility that you call home, you're going to turn to your fellow octogenarian Gertrude and tell her just how epic your life was.  And as you tell that story, Gertrude isn't going to be able to take her geriatric eyes off of you, she'll eat up every word you say and when you're done, she will blurt out H.O.L.Y. S.H.I.T.  That was unbelievable.  And Gertrude will be half in awe of your epic, hilarious, slightly vulgar, life story but also half sad that she can't chime in.  Gertrude doesn't have much to add because she spent a lifetime finishing TPS reports, cleaning out her car, paying her property taxes and all the other adulting activities that will take up every minute of your life if given the opportunity.  But unlike Gertrude, you listened to Morpheus. 

I want you to look back on your life and your decisions and not wonder, but to know, that you took full advantage.  That you lived to capacity.  You left nothing on the table and have every story (from PG-13 to R rated) to prove it.  

Just like Morpheus, I'm offering you something simple.  YYC Sociables is a curated list of epic opportunities.  These are the most fun and happening events Calgary has to offer each upcoming week.  

The list is yours, the rest is up to you

YYC Sociables

No pressure, but if you're ready, find out more here.